Denise Vallipuram-Nedermeijer

CEO, 2D animator, illustrator, designer

Meet Denise, a versatile creative powerhouse who wears many artistic hats. With a foundation in Animation from the esteemed Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where she graduated in 2017, Denise has honed her craft with a keen eye for cute, fun, and colorful designs. Her work is distinguished by her proficiency in frame-to-frame animations and motion graphics, where her passion truly shines.

With a playful spirit, Denise infuses humor into her animations, often incorporating subtle jokes and sometimes easter eggs that enrich her projects. She has a unique signature, adding a personal touch to her creations. Drawing by hand is not just a skill for Denise; it’s a passion that fuels her creativity, allowing her to pour her heart and soul into every piece she crafts.

Denise’s work is a celebration of her love for animation and design, always aiming to spark joy and color in the viewer’s experience. Her dedication to her art makes her not just a creator, but a storyteller, showing audiences the great possibilities of great animations and design.

Raisand Vallipuram

CEO, IT & Security consultant, photographer

Meet Raisand, a multi-talented individual who seamlessly balances a thriving career in cybersecurity with a deep-seated passion for public safety. With a unique ability to blend creativity and technology, Raisand is on a mission to address a diverse spectrum of client needs with unmatched effectiveness. His job as IT and Security consultant at FrameRiot involves maintaining and securing all kinds of business infrastructure. Our goal is to be the one stop solution for your business IT needs, finding that perfect balance between security, usability and appealing design.

Raisand is also a distinctive photographer, passionately capturing the essence of people with an adventurous, light-centric approach. His photography, lively and meticulous, consistently captures perfection. Renowned for his ability to transform challenging scenes into breathtaking visuals, Raisand meticulously plans each shoot, ensuring his images are more than seen—they’re felt. His commitment to photography goes beyond taking pictures; it’s about crafting resonant, engaging, and inspiring art, capturing life’s moments in their most magnificent light.